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AKG GN30 E - 30 cm gooseneck with XLR connector

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Gooseneck module with 30 cm length and XLR connector

Microphone capsules in different polar patterns are optionally available

Rugged design

High contact reliability to the capsule module

LED ring for visual control

Recommended retail price
352,- EUR

All modules of the AKG GN E series are designed with an integrated plug, a significant advantage for quick assembly and disassembly. The goosenecks are available in lengths of 23.5 cm (GN15 E), 38 cm (GN30 E) and 57.2 cm (GN50 E). Of course, bass roll-off from 200 Hz and LED on/off function are also integrated here.

An essential quality criterion of the mounting aids is the damping of structure-borne sound in order to avoid the transmission of unwanted background noise (e.g. impact sound). The decisive factor for the quality of the damping is the material mixture of the rubber mounting, which is of particularly high efficiency in the Modular series, especially at frequencies < 200 Hz. This optimized rubber compound is used in the H600 and H500 mounts.

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