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JBL Control 1 Pro - Universal, compact loudspeaker

JBL Control 1 Pro
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Universal loudspeaker with extensive mounting accessories (optional)

Ideal for listening to music, public address and paging systems, video productions and multimedia presentations

Includes bracket for wall or ceiling mounting

Easy alignment of the loudspeaker due to integrated ball joint

Housing made of high-density polypropylene foam makes the speaker particularly low in resonance and robust

Recommended retail price
115,- EUR
JBL Control 1 PRO
JBL Control 1 Pro

The JBL Control 1 Pro is an extremely compact wideband monitor for monitoring a wide range of applications, from recording studios and video post-production to OB and broadcast studios.

For sound reinforcement and paging systems in restaurants, hotels and audiovisual applications, the JBL Control 1 Pro is also the ideal solution.

The high and low frequency drivers of the JBL Control 1 are protected by a magnetic shield, so that this loudspeaker can be operated safely in the direct vicinity of video monitors without causing unpleasant image interference.

The enclosure of the JBL Control 1 Pro is made of high-density polypropylene foam, which allows for high resonance isolation. An extensive range of optional mounting accessories allows wall mounting and the precise attachment and alignment of the monitor.

A wall mount bracket is integrated into the JBL Control 1 Pro-WH. The holder is equipped with a ball joint, which is built into the wall plate of the holder. This makes the JBL Control 1 Pro easy and quick to install, even without optional accessories. It is available in white and black.

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