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AKG C1000 S - Condenser microphone for stage and studio

AKG C1000 S
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120 hours operating time with two AA batteries for mobile use

Adapter attachments for improving speech intelligibility and changing the directional characteristic

10 dB level reduction for distortion-free recording of loud instruments (switchable)

Bass roll-off effectively reduces annoying background noise in the bass range (switchable)

Gold-coated diaphragm and gold-plated XLR connector for optimal conductivity and durability

Recommended retail price
240,- EUR
AKG C1000 S
AKG C1000 S
AKG C1000 S

The AKG C1000S is the all-purpose microphone for recording vocals and instruments. It can be used in a variety of ways in the studio, for reports or live productions. The sound of the AKG C1000S is balanced. Voices and instruments are reproduced very naturally.

Since microphones with cardioid polar patterns pick up sound only from the front, the AKG C1000S is insensitive to ambient noise. The microphone capsule of the AKG C1000S is also elastically mounted. Disturbing grip and cable noises are thus effectively suppressed.

To record loud instruments such as drums and brass without distortion, the microphone level of the C1000S can be attenuated by 10 dB. The switchable bass cut effectively reduces background noise in the bass range (e.g. wind) and counteracts the proximity effect. This occurs when the speaker's mouth is too close to the microphone.

There are two adapters for the AKG C1000S that can be plugged onto the microphone capsule. They change the sound and the directional characteristic of the microphone.

To improve speech intelligibility, there is a Presence Boost adapter. It provides a frequency boost in the treble range. This makes the voice more present. The Polar Pattern Converter can be used to change the cardioid polar pattern into a hypercardioid polar pattern. This makes the microphone less susceptible to sound coming in from the side and from behind. Especially under loud conditions with a lot of background noise, the quality of the recording can be improved in this way.

The AKG C1000S is a condenser microphone and requires a power supply (phantom power) of 9 - 52 volts. It can be connected to the microphone input of a mixing console or to a phantom power supply via the XLR connector. It can also be operated with two AA batteries. With them, the microphone runs for 120 hours. The convenient on/off switch saves power and a control LED indicates the battery status.

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