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BSS AR-133 - Active DI box for stage and studio

BSS AR-133
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XLR and jack input

Extremely high impedance input, e.g. for pickup signals

Transformer balanced output

Power supply via PH48 or 9V battery, selectable, automatic switching

High mechanical and electrical durability

Recommended retail price
205,- EUR

The BSS AR-133 has become a classic among active DI boxes. The input is available both as an unbalanced jack, as well as an XLR with a jack loop output.

The PAD switch not only switches on an input attenuation of 20 or 40 dB but also changes the input impedance: while in the 0 dB position 1 MOhm allows trouble-free and low-loss connection of even high-impedance guitar or bass pickups, the impedance at -20 and -40 dB is 47 kOhm. The XLR output is transformer-balanced for load impedances of 600 Ohms or higher.

Power can be supplied from a 9V battery (2 mA) or phantom power (20 - 48 V, 8 mA), and switching to applied phantom power can also be automated. The arched case allows cables to run back underneath the unit from the end for neat cable management.

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