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Univox SLS-7 - Super Loop Induction Loop Amplifier, 2x 10 A

Univox SLS-7
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Complete systems for phased array and low overspill loops

Uniform coverage even of large areas

Reduced susceptibility to interference compared to steel reinforcements, parametric filter to compensate for metal losses

High efficiency, fanless

Automatic level adjustment ensures high speech intelligibility

System diagnostics function

Univox SLS-7
Univox SLS-7

The compact and fanless Univox SLS-7 achieves high efficiency with its Class-D amplifier technology. The complete system for phased array and low overspill loops consists of two amplifiers (master + slave) and a phase shifter .

Available is a balanced mic/line input with phantom power and high-pass filter, a balanced line/100 volt input and an RCA input with priority circuit . For the balanced inputs, optimization of the frequency response is possible via EQ preset for speech.

In addition, the automatic level adjustment (Dual Action AGC) ensures the best speech intelligibility. Metal losses are compensated with the parametric MLC filter (Metal Loss Correction).

During calibration, controls and LED chains for input/output levels on the front panel facilitate system configuration. Built-in system diagnostics check the amplifier section and input/output signals.

Furthermore, the SLS-7 is equipped with a headphone jack and a connector for a monitor speaker. Two contact outputs allow the control of external status LEDs.

Rack mounting brackets for the 1 U/19 inch chassis are included.

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