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Audio and media technology for multi-purpose halls, stadiums and sports grounds

At sports events, the high noise level of the audience is a particular challenge. To ensure that announcements can still be understood, choosing the right loudspeaker system is particularly important. Mobile systems are usually sufficient for the sound reinforcement of small spectator areas on a sports field. They have the advantage of being inexpensive and can also be used at other events such as club parties, summer and city festivals.

Permanently installed loudspeakers with 70/100 volt technology are suitable for covering large areas in a hall or stadium. This means that even large systems with a large number of loudspeakers and long cable runs can be realized. With the right media technology, even complex systems are easy to operate. In addition to audio and video signals, you can also control lighting or video surveillance.

Wireless microphones are ideal for transmitting speech. They allow the speaker more freedom of action. Announcements can be made directly from the pitch.

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