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Loudspeaker systems for Audio-over-IP

Using network cables for music transmission is becoming increasingly popular. The speakers are simply connected to an audio source via the Ethernet interface. The cabling is uncomplicated and inexpensive. There is no loss of sound due to digital data transmission.

In addition to simple connections, complex sound systems can also be easily implemented. IP-capable speakers are connected to a gigabit router and can be controlled via Ethernet.

A major advantage of network cables is that different data can run simultaneously via one cable. As each speaker in the audio network has its own IP address, audio streams can be assigned to individual speakers.

This function is useful if the speakers are distributed across several rooms or if individual zones are to be played with different music and volumes.

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Are you planning to set up a complex audio network or integrate the sound reinforcement system into an existing IP network?

The Genelec Smart-IP speakers offer high-end sound quality and the option of optimally adapting each speaker to the acoustic conditions of a room. Their range of applications is correspondingly wide - from sound reinforcement for individual rooms to multi-room streaming for entire buildings.

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