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Crown XLS 1002 - Digital PA amplifier, 2x 350 watts

Crown XLS 1002
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High energy efficiency saves electricity

The enormous headroom ensures an undistorted and neutral sound

A limiter in each channel protects the amplifiers and speakers from level peaks

Protection circuits guarantee reliable operation in case of overload, overheating or short circuit

Easy transport due to very low weight

Recommended retail price
630,- EUR
Crown XLS 1002
Crown XLS 1002
Crown XLS 1002

The Crown XLS 1002 DriveCore 2 is the successor of the successful first Drive-Core generation. It performs 2x 350 watts into 4 ohms. Due to its neutral sound, excellent dynamics and enormous headroom, it is versatile.

Typical applications for the Crown XLS 1002 are PA systems, live events, small clubs and discos, AV area, cinema or home theater, installation (church, schools, town halls, multi-purpose halls).

Above all, it is very light. It weighs only 3.9 kg. The reason for the low weight is the patented DriveCore 2 circuit design. Functions of many components have been combined on one chip.

The energy management is unique. By recovering energy, the Crown XLS amplifiers work particularly efficiently. It is therefore more powerful than conventional amplifiers. New is the sleep mode and a power trigger to switch the power amplifier on and off externally.

The large display clearly shows all parameters. The blackout function, new menu navigation and lockout mode make operation simple and safe.

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