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AMX NX-2200 - Programmable controller for AV and building technology

AMX NX-2200
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16 control ports, Ethernet, AxLink and ICSLAN connections

Port configuration - 4/4/4 (Serial, Relay, IR, Digital I/O)

Dual NIC for secure control and monitoring of medium-sized AV systems

Supports IPv6 protocol to easily set up an identification and location system in a computer network

High network security - IEEE 802.1X for network access management and X.509 certification for selective access rights to protected content

Diagnostic functions for automatic error detection in the cabling

TLS / SSH client for external programming and maintenance

Expandable / scalable system thanks to flexible programmability: RPM, NetLinx, Java

USB interface for data backup and firmware updates

AMX NX-2200
AMX NX-2200
AMX NX-2200

The AMX NX-2200 is a programmable controller for controlling and monitoring AV and building equipment on a network.

It can process various analog and digital control signals. In addition, it offers extensive security functions when integrated into the network. Via industrial standard interfaces, there is the possibility of controlling devices, up to the connection to lighting control and energy management.

The NX-2200 is ideal for medium-sized applications in companies and educational institutions that value secure data exchange over a computer network.

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