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AKG C451 B - Small diaphragm condenser microphone with cardioid characteristic

AKG C451 B
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Cardioid characteristic - instruments can be recorded without coloration and feedback even in noisy environments

Open, airy sound with very good resolution

Reduced sensitivity for sound sources with very high levels

Switchable high-pass filter to compensate for proximity effect and remove low-frequency background noise

Robust metal housing for use on stage

Ideal for percussion, acoustic guitar and overhead pickups

Made in Europe

Recommended retail price
564,- EUR
AKG C 451 B
AKG C 451 B

The AKG C451 B is a small-diaphragm condenser microphone for recording acoustic guitar, percussion, hi-hat, choirs and as an overhead microphone. Its sound is open and airy with a subtle presence boost for soft and finely resolved highs. Especially on drums it convinces with naturalness.

The cardioid polar pattern suppresses sound from the side and rear. This means that instruments remain free from the influence of other sound sources even in loud environments. It also increases safety against feedback on stages.

The AKG C451 B offers a high limiting sound pressure level, which ensures distortion-free recording of even loud sound sources. In addition, the sensitivity can be further reduced in two stages. The lightweight diaphragm makes the capsule insensitive to vibration and noise from the stand. Two high-pass filters help to suppress low-frequency noise and compensate for the proximity effect.

Included are a tripod adapter, windscreen and microphone pouch.

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