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AKG GN30 OC - 30 cm gooseneck with open cable end

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Gooseneck with 30 cm length and screw connection

Microphone capsules in different polar patterns are optionally available

Rugged design

High contact reliability to the capsule module

Integrated LED ring for visual control

Recommended retail price
224,- EUR

For permanent installation by means of screw threads, the goosenecks are available in various lengths: 15 cm (GN15), 30 cm (GN30) and 50 cm (GN50). Except for the GN30 OC variant with open cable ends, all are supplied with the in-line phantom power adapter module (DPA) with integrated bass rolloff from 200 Hz and LED ON/OFF function.

The remote phantom power adapter greatly simplifies gooseneck setup. A mini-XLR connector allows the cable to be threaded through holes from 11 mm in diameter. This saves large drill holes as well as cumbersome unsoldering and soldering during assembly. In addition, the adjustment of the integrated bass cut can be easily performed on the removed cable.

The phantom power adapter can handle any applied phantom power from 9-52 volts and supplies the required voltage for the consensor capsule and the illuminated ring.

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