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AKG GN30 ESP - 30 cm gooseneck with XLR connector and phantom power adapter

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Programmable mute switch

High insensitivity to RF interference

Robust design

Suitable for all capsules of the Modular series

High contact reliability to the capsule module

Recommended retail price
411,- EUR

The programmable mute switch makes the AKG GN ESP series suitable for a wide range of applications. The switch function desired for the respective application can be easily set using wire jumpers:

On/Off Push-to-talk Push-to-mute

The wire jumpers for selecting the operating mode are located inside the housing to prevent unintentional adjustment.

The LED ring makes it possible to check at a glance whether the microphone is on or off. By means of the internal wire jumpers, the LED ring as well as the bass cut can of course also be individually activated and deactivated.

In addition, the new electronics guarantee high insensitivity to RF interference.

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