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JBL VT4883 - Compact line array subwoofer suitable for VT4886

JBL VT4883
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Compact dimensions, high performance and low weight

Integrated flight harness enables easy array formation

Cardioid arrangement possible

Scratch and impact resistant Duraflex coating

NL4 and NL8 connectors for easy cabling

JBL VT 4883
JBL VT 4883
JBL VT 4883
JBL VT 4883

The JBL VT4883 is a vented subwoofer with two special 12" long excursion drivers (2263H-1), each equipped with double voice coil. The JBL VT4886 compatible flying harness allows JBL VT4883 units to be easily integrated into VT4886 arrays. By rotating 180° to stand or fly within the array, the JBL VT4883 sub can also be used in cardioid applications. Both flying harness and connectors are designed accordingly.

Line arrays formed from JBL VT4883 units can be flown vertically or stacked vertically or horizontally. A sturdy grille and acoustically transparent foam protect the drivers from rough, external influences.

The integrated flying frame is made of black anodized aluminum, the hinge bars of powder-coated chrome steel, the cadmium-plated quick release pins are secured to the flying frame with stainless steel cables, thus all metal fittings are optimally protected against corrosion.