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dbx 2215 - Graphic equalizer, 2x 15-band, noise reduction and limiter

dbx 2215
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XLR, jack and barrier strip connectors

Switchable ranges +/- 6 dB and +/- 15 dB

+/- 12 dB input gain

4 LEDs each for output level and gain reduction

40 Hz low-cut filter per channel with 18 dB/octave (Bessel)

Recommended retail price
710,- EUR
dbx 2215
dbx 2215

The dbx 2215 is a two-channel 2/3 octave EQ with 45 mm faders on 2 RU. All controls on the front panel are clearly and logically arranged. The adjustable frequency range is according to ISO standard from 25 Hz - 16 kHz.

The RF filtered inputs and outputs are balanced in parallel on XLR, jack and barrier strips respectively. With the input gain control the input level can be adjusted by +/- 12 dB. A Bessel filter with 18 dB/octave at 40 Hz acts as low-cut, this is switchable. The adjustment range of the faders can be switched from +/- 6 dB to +/- 15 dB.

The Type III noise reduction developed by dbx extends the noise margin of the dbx 2215 by up to 20 dB. The level at the output is indicated by four LEDs. A clip LED signals overloads within the EQ.

As another special feature, the PeakStopPlus limiter at the output keeps the level in check. The gain reduction is indicated by 4x LEDs. The signal ground can be disconnected from the chassis ground by means of a jumper. In bypass and powerless mode relays switch the inputs to the outputs.

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