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dbx 1231 - 2x 31-band equalizer, 45 mm sliders

dbx 1231
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2x 31 frequency bands with 1/3 octave width for precise frequency control

108 dB dynamic range ensures distortion-free sound even at extreme settings

Low-cut filter for cutting low frequencies

±12 dB input gain

XLR, jack and screw terminal inputs/outputs

45 mm slider

Internal power supply

Recommended retail price
689,- EUR
dbx 1231
dbx 1231

The dbx 1231 is a 2-channel graphic equalizer for precise shaping of audio signals. It can be used to make sound adjustments and frequency corrections as well as to compensate for influences of the room acoustics on the sound.

The dbx 1231 allows processing over the entire audible frequency range. It lies between 20 Hz and 20 kHz and is divided into 31 frequency bands. A graphic equalizer has a separate slider for each frequency band. This allows you to boost or cut specific frequencies.

The sound can be quickly and easily adapted to one's own ideas. DJs or home theater enthusiasts prefer a more bass-driven sound. If, on the other hand, a very differentiated sound is desired, the dbx 1231 has a low-cut filter for lowering low frequencies. With an equalizer, however, the audio signal can also be equalized. Disturbing frequencies are removed until a pleasant linear listening impression is achieved.

Equalizers are often used to compensate for the influence of room acoustics on the sound. Due to the reflection of sound waves, some frequencies are amplified or attenuated. Especially when a sound image that is as unaltered as possible is desired, frequency correction is necessary.

The sliders of the dbx 1231 are 45 mm long and have an adjustment range of either ± 6 dB or ±15 dB. Each of the 31 frequency bands is 1/3 octave wide. The input gain on the dbx 1231 is adjustable. Quiet signals can be amplified by 12 dB or loud signals can be attenuated by 12 dB. 4 LEDs indicate the output level and if the equalizer is overdriven. Due to its wide dynamic range of 109 dB, the dbx 1231 sounds clean without overdriving even at extreme settings.

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