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AKG CU400 - Battery charger for radio systems

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Plug-In Battery Charging

Two universal charging compartments

Battery-saving Quick Charge function

State of charge indicator

Includes two AA rechargeable batteries (for PT420/450/470 or HT420/450/470)

Recommended retail price
395,- EUR
AKG CU 400
AKG CU 400
AKG CU 400
AKG CU 400

Well-charged rechargeable batteries or batteries in the transmitters always prove to be indispensable when operating wireless systems. Two transmitters at the same time can be brought back from 0 to 100 percent in one hour per unit, of course with overcharge protection.

And the best thing about it: The batteries remain in the transmitter. Thanks to the integrated charging contacts, the transmitters only need to be plugged into the CU400 and removed again at the end of the charging process.


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