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JBL 3722N - Front system for small to medium cinema halls

JBL 3722N
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90° x -30°/+20° Screen Array Horn

Low cabinet depth

Pivot range holder +/-30° hor. +/-10° ver.

Integrated crossover (N version)

3739 TT unit

Recommended retail price
1.940,- EUR

The 3722N / 3722 is a compact, low-cost screen array system with asymmetrical radiation of 90° horizontally and -30°/+20° vertically. A bi-amp version 3722 and a passive version 3722 N (N=Network) are available.

Due to the double configuration in the low frequency range, the 3722N is also suitable for medium sized cinemas. The small cabinet depth allows a space-saving installation behind the screen.

Technical Data