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AKG D40 - Dynamic microphone for miking loud instruments

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Clear and powerful sound thanks to patented 2-layer membrane

Safe against feedback and crosstalk thanks to cardioid characteristic

Transmits even high signal levels up to 156 dB SPL without distortion

Robust metal housing and resistant grille cap for daily live use and long service life

Integrated stand adapter and mounting bracket for easy attachment to drum kit and microphone stand

Ideal for miking drums, percussion, wind instruments, bass and guitar amps

Recommended retail price
162,- EUR
AKG D 40
AKG D 40

The AKG D40 stage microphone provides excellent sound quality for drums, percussion instruments, woodwinds and guitar amps.

With its rugged all-metal housing and extra-durable grille cap, the AKG D40 is excellent for tough live use. The patented AKG Varimotion diaphragm technology allows fine tuning of the microphone without additional tuning resonators.

As a universal instrumental microphone, the AKG D40 comes with an integrated tripod mount and a mounting adapter for snare, tom-toms and more. This makes the D40 easy to use on any instrument. Due to its small size, the AKG D40 can also be used very inconspicuously.

The transducer capsule also handles extremely high sound pressure without any problems. The cardioid polar pattern guarantees feedback resistance even on the smallest stages and delivers the typical, powerful AKG sound.

Scope of delivery: D40, holder on drum shell

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