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JBL VRX 9 System - Professional PA set for events up to 500 people

JBL VRX 9 System
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3.200 watt nominal power

35 Hz - 20 kHz (-10 dB)

Max. Sound pressure 126/128 dB sub/top

Digital system controller in each amp with X-Over, EQ, delay and limiter

Freely programmable and customizable according to taste and event

Recommended retail price
14.068,- EUR
JBL VRX 9 System - Loudspeaker
JBL VRX 9 System - Amplifier

The JBL VRX 9 system is a professional PA set for very demanding applications.

High-quality individual components guarantee the highest degree of sound fidelity. The perfect coupling of the elements ensures optimal phase behavior and a very precise stereo image.

The JBL VRX928LA line array elements can each be scaled in the tweeter level in three 3 dB steps. Thus, the system can be optimized for both the array length and the sound reinforcement distance.

The cabling is done without confusion from the amplifier via optional four-pole cables with Speakon connectors to the sub and further to the top. Each power amplifier supplies one PA side.

The JBL VRX 9 system consists of:

4x JBL VRX928LA 2x JBL VRX915S 2x Crown XTi 2002 1x 19" 4 U rack 2x stand rods

Technical Data

Crown XTi 2002