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AKG C519 ML - Clip microphone for wind instruments

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Easy attachment to the instrument with clamp

Optimal alignment of the microphone with gooseneck

Elastically mounted microphone capsule reduces disturbing background noise

Switchable bass attenuation avoids overemphasis of low frequencies

The pluggable cable can be easily changed at any time

Ideal for miking brass or woodwind instruments

Recommended retail price
298,- EUR

The AKG C519 ML is a condenser microphone for miking wind instruments. It can be easily attached to the instrument with the clamp mount. The linear frequency response makes your instrument sound natural. The AKG C519 M has a cardioid polar pattern. This makes it very insensitive to feedback and well shielded from ambient noise. With the 12.5 cm long gooseneck, they align the microphone exactly.

The microphone capsule of the AKG C519 ML is elastically mounted. This reduces annoying background noise caused by movement to a minimum. The switchable bass attenuation serves to avoid overemphasizing low frequencies.

The AKG C519 ML is equipped for use with the PT40, PT45, PT420, PT470, PT4500 and DPT800 bodypack transmitters with a 1.5 m (5 ft.) pluggable connection cable with a 3-pin mini-XLR connector. A windscreen, microphone bag and cable are included.

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