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dbx DriveRack 260 - Speaker management system with 2x inputs and 6x outputs

dbx DriveRack 260
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Output routing and naming

Output polarity and phase setting option

Output dynamics with limiter and AGC

4-band parametric EQ per output

Combinations of crossovers and band filters

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1.378,- EUR
dbx 260
dbx 260
dbx 260

The dbx DriveRack 260 features a Real Time Analyzer with Auto EQ for automatic speaker/room matching. The separate microphone input for a measuring microphone (phantom power) and a pink noise generator allow automatic, exact matching of room and loudspeaker.

A wizzard function guides through setups like the JBL Speaker and Crown Power Amp Tunings i.e. complete equalization, level and dynamic adjustments without long searching in menus. Settings for the JBL AE series are already included in the library. The Feedback Eliminator with extremely narrow band 1/80 Oct. notch filters of highest quality prevents a change of the sound when filters are set.

A graphic or parametric input equalizer, 4-band parametric EQ per output, classic dbx compressor, crossover, feedback eliminator, PeakStop limiter and a subharmonic synthesizer complete the features. With the graphical user interface or the GUI (editor program) on the computer via RS 232, the parameters can be edited quickly and safely. Furthermore, it is equipped with delay time up to 2.7 seconds, AGC, phase and polarity adjustment.

The 24 bit DA and 24 bit Type IV AD converters allow 110 dB dynamic range.

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