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AKG AB4000 - In-line antenna amplifier

AKG AB4000
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Power supply for up to three active antenna units

Remote power supply via antenna cable avoids additional installation effort

Lockable DC input for safe and interference-free operation

Waterproof construction for use in extreme weather conditions

Recommended retail price
397,- EUR
AKG AB 4000
AKG AB 4000

Ultralinear in-line antenna amplifier in waterproof housing with max. 17 dB gain. The 3-digit DIP selector switch is used for optimal adaptation to the respective antenna cable length of up to 35 m (RG 58) or 75 m (RG 213).

For even longer cable runs, two AB4000s can be cascaded in series without degradation of signal quality. This allows a total antenna cable length of 105 m (RG58) or 225 m (RG213) to be achieved.

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