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AKG C480 B Combo - Small-diaphragm condenser microphone with cardioid polar pattern and linear frequency response

AKG C480 B Combo
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First class true condenser microphone with interchangeable capsule system

Cardioid pickup pattern - instruments can be recorded without coloration or crosstalk even in loud environments

Natural, absolutely linear sound for perfect imaging with all details

Two switchable high-pass filters to compensate for proximity effect and remove low-frequency noise

Robust workmanship for use on stage

Made in Europe

Recommended retail price
1.141,- EUR

The AKG C480 B Combo consists of the C 480 B power supply module and the CK61 ULS capsule. The polar pattern is a perfect cardioid, effectively blocking out sound from the side and rear. Instruments can thus be recorded uncolored and without crosstalk even in loud environments.

The AKG C480 B Combo delivers a perfectly linear signal across the entire frequency spectrum. This ensures a natural, high-resolution sound that reproduces every instrument with all its details.

In addition, the microphone is extremely low-noise, making it suitable for low sound levels. Sensitivity can be reduced in three stages for high sound levels. This ensures reliable protection against clipping while achieving great dynamic range. Two high-pass filters compensate for the proximity effect and remove low-frequency noise.

The microphone capsule can be easily replaced if necessary. Alternatively, AKG offers microphone capsules with omnidirectional, hypercardioid and shotgun polar patterns. This allows a flexible response to any recording situation.

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