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AKG C480 B ULS - Microphone preamplifier

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Modular microphone system with interchangeable microphone capsules

Switchable pre-attenuation filter for miking very loud instruments (up to 144 dB SPL)

Two switchable high-pass filters to compensate for proximity effect and remove low-frequency noise

Output stage allows long interconnect cables without loss of quality

Low noise thanks to transformerless output stage

High phase and pulse fidelity

Made in Europe

Recommended retail price
807,- EUR

The AKG C480 B is part of a system especially designed for high transmission quality with maximum flexibility. Its circuits, together with a transformerless output stage, provide a perfectly linear signal across the entire frequency spectrum, with an inherent noise value at the theoretically possible lower limit.

Combined with the ability to handle sound pressure levels of 140 dB SPL across the spectrum, dynamics beyond the 125 dB limit are achieved - more than enough to qualify for critical digital recording. Gold-plated switch and plug contacts guarantee consistent transmission quality.

The output stage also allows difficult signal routing, e.g. through an extra long interconnect cable, and does not let you notice any loss of quality. Two different high-pass filters and a two-stage level control allow a -10 dB pre-attenuation or a boost of +6 dB. Scope of delivery: C480 B, stand connector, protective case

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