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AKG C391 B - Small diaphragm condenser microphone with cardioid characteristic

AKG C391 B
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Cardioid characteristic - instruments can be recorded without coloration or crosstalk even in noisy environments

Natural, linear sound with very good transient resolution for clear and brilliant highs

Reduced sensitivity for sound sources with very high levels

Switchable high-pass filter to compensate for proximity effect and remove low-frequency background noise

Robust workmanship for use on stage

Capsule can be changed if necessary

Made in Europe

Recommended retail price
552,- EUR

The AKG C391 B is a rugged small-diaphragm condenser microphone. It consists of the SE300 B power supply module and the CK91 microphone capsule. The capsule has a cardioid polar pattern that effectively rejects sound from the side and rear. Instruments can thus be recorded uncolored and without crosstalk, even in loud environments. The AKG C931 B delivers a natural, neutral sound with clear and brilliant highs.

There is a high-pass filter to compensate for proximity effect or remove low-frequency noise. Alternatively, the input sensitivity can be reduced by 10 dB. This allows the microphone to handle even very high sound levels without distortion.

The microphone capsule can be changed quickly if necessary. Alternatively, AKG offers microphone capsules with omnidirectional, hypercardioid, figure-of-eight and shotgun polar patterns. This allows a flexible response to any recording situation.

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