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AKG C451 B Stereo Set - Stereo set with tuned frequency response

AKG C451 B Stereo Set
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For professional stereo recordings - perfectly matched in frequency response Microphones

Cardioid pickup pattern - instruments can be recorded without coloration and feedback even in loud environments

Open, airy sound with very good resolution Reduced sensitivity to very high level sound sources

Switchable high-pass filter to compensate for proximity effect and remove low-frequency background noise

Robust metal housing for use on stage

Ideal for percussion, acoustic guitar and overhead pickups.

Made in Europe

AKG C 451 B Set
AKG C 451 B Set

Two AKG C451 B as a stereo set, which differ in sensitivity and frequency response by less than 1 dB. They are filtered out from a series of individual microphones using a special computer program.

This ensures a good and stable balance when used for stereo recordings, without frequency-dependent shifts in the panorama. Scope of delivery: 2x C451 B, 2x windscreen, 2x tripod holder, stereo rail, case

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