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AKG HM1000 - Microphone suspension module for theater stage, choir and overhead pickups

AKG HM1000
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Suspension module with robust connection thread and self-cleaning gold contacts

Microphone capsules with different polar patterns are optionally available

Switchable illuminated ring

Integrated bass attenuation

Robust design

Recommended retail price
266,- EUR

The recording of speech or music with microphones suspended from the ceiling is common practice in churches, at conferences and theater stages. A 10-meter special cable that mechanically counteracts possible twisting due to temperature fluctuations, as well as the supplied spring clamp that allows the microphone to be positioned precisely, ensure that the AKG HM1000 reliably maintains the set alignment.

The illuminated ring that can be switched off is a decisive aid for the "function check" of the system before the event.

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