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AKG C547 BL - Boundary microphone for churches, theater and bass drum pickup

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Hypercardioid polar pattern for maximum attenuation of noise interference

Acoustics based on the C747 V11 for wide balanced frequency response

RFi-Shield shielding technology reduces noise from RF interference

Rugged, unobtrusive enclosure withstands the toughest stage use

Repaintable housing parts to match stage decorations

Made in Europe

Recommended retail price
700,- EUR

The AKG C547 BL is a professional boundary microphone with hypercardioid polar pattern. The robust impact-resistant housing and the switchable impact sound filter predestine the AKG C547 BL for rough stage use. By using Phase Coherent Cardioid technology, the microphone offers a high degree of directivity and neutral sound characteristics. The AKG C547 BL is built with the same acoustic components as the legendary AKG C747 V11.

Main application areas are churches, theaters and conference halls. However, the microphone is also suitable for miking a bass drum and other instruments. The highly efficient RFi-Shield shielding technology massively reduces noise from RF interference caused by electromagnetic contaminants.

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