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AKG C562 CM - Boundary microphone for recording, courtroom, surveillance and security functions

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Hemispherical polar pattern for clear and well intelligible speech transmission

High sensitivity for a wide recording range

Unobtrusive cylindrical design, perfect for wall or table mounting

Optimal for surveillance purposes and recordings

Recommended retail price
351,- EUR
AKG C 562 CM
AKG C 562 CM

The AKG C562 CM boundary microphone is flush mountable and was specially developed for fixed installations. It can be installed almost invisibly in ceiling, wall, table or stage. Its high sensitivity provides outstandingly clear and consistent sound pickup throughout the recording area.

The AKG C562 CM is perfect for monitoring purposes and live recording. The microphone is supplied with an XLR phantom power adapter. It is connected to this by a 3.5 mm jack plug coupling - therefore it only requires a small mounting hole.

Technical Data