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JBL PD5125 - 2x 15" woofer element for installation in stadiums and arenas

JBL PD5125
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2x 15" TT (2226H), horn loaded

2.000 Watt program, 8.000 Watt peak

37 Hz - 2.5 kHz

50 Hz - 125 Hz max. SPL 142 dB

125 Hz - 800 Hz max. SPL 141 dB

The JBL PD5125 is a high performance woofer module and uses two 2226H 15" VGC Vented Gap Cooled woofers. These deliver excellent low frequencies with low power compression, low distortion and high sensitivity.

The trapezoidal enclosure is equipped with M10 mounting points.

The JBL PD5125 can be flown or placed in a variety of ways. It is used in conjunction with midrange, tweeter or full-range systems from the PD5000 or PD700 series.

The JBL PD5125 is ideal for applications that require high bass performance.