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Training: AMX Networked AV Technician SVSI

Learn the ins and outs of configuring and working with a true network-based audio/video system: AMX SVSI. Discuss system setup through configuring Netgear network switches, routing video across the network, and learn about the various control options.

Target group

Programmers, system integrators, technicians, engineers, and anyone involved in system design or technical sales will benefit from this session and will gain a better understanding of AVoIP requirements and the SVSI product lineup.



This course will be presented in Dutch and a laptop is required.

Tuesday, 4. 6. 2024
9.30 to 16:00

Audio XL
3543 AP Utrecht, Netherland
Krommewetering 21

Participation fee: free

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Ron van den Berg
Ron van den Berg

Product Specialist, Audio XL

+31 6 46611541