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Crown DCi 4 2400N - Network-compatible 4-channel installation amplifier, 4x 2,400 watts

Crown DCi 4 2400N
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Powerful 4-channel amplifier with 2,400 watts per channel for high level requirements

Extensive DSP for individual signal processing as well as speaker and room adjustment

Digital inputs in BLU-Link format, compatible with BSS SW London and Dolby Atmos, for lossless transmission

Impedance measurement, error logs and network control for optimal remote control and monitoring

High efficiency, "sleep" and "auto stand-by" modes ensure low power consumption

Recommended retail price
13.278,- EUR
Crown DCi 4 2400N
Crown DCi 4 2400N

Crown DCi-N amplifiers are high-quality 2-, 4- and 8-channel amplifiers with network connectivity and integrated DSP for demanding installation applications. Power ratings of 300, 600 or 1,250 watts (4, 8 ohms, 70 volts and 100 volts) per channel are available. The Crown DCi-N Series is based on high-efficiency chip amplifier technology that enables outstanding performance in a minimal footprint. The advanced Class-D power amplifier circuitry delivers the same output power into 4 and 8 ohms and into 70 or 100 volts. Additional transformers are not required for 70/100 volt operation.

The Crown DCi-N amplifiers work with the TCP/IP (Ethernet) protocol, which is used in HiQnet. Audio Architect" and "System Architect" can be used as control software. The extensive equipment allows monitoring of levels, impedances, error messages (clipping, voltage, temperature) and pilot tone. Furthermore, the audio signals can be extensively processed by DSPs. Among others, the following features are available: multi-stage limiters for inputs and outputs, input compressor, 48 K or 96 K sample rate, input and output delay, input and output EQ, signal generator and crossover.

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