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Crown DCi 4 1250 - 4-channel installation amplifier, 4x 1,250 watts

Crown DCi 4 1250
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High energy efficiency in operation

Less than 1 watt power consumption in sleep mode

Fan for high operational reliability

Power-saving "Auto-Standby" mode

LEDs per channel for Ready, Signal, -10 dB, -20 dB, Clip, Thermal, Fault

Recommended retail price
6.860,- EUR
Crown DCi 4 1250
Crown DCi 4 1250

Crown DCi amplifiers are high quality 2, 4 and 8 channel amplifiers for demanding installation applications. Power ratings of 300, 600 or 1,200 watts (4, 8 ohms, 100 volts) per channel are available. The Crown DCi Series is based on high-efficiency chip amplifier technology that enables outstanding performance in a minimal footprint. The advanced Class-D power amplifier circuitry delivers the same output power into 4 and 8 ohms and into 70 and 100 volts. Additional transformers are not required for 70/100 volt operation.

The 2U Crown DCi amplifiers have an outstanding signal-to-noise ratio of >108 dB. The innovative DriveCore circuit concept guarantees extremely high efficiency. The so-called "sleep" mode also contributes to the optimal energy balance. In this standby mode, less than 1 watt is required despite immediate power readiness. In addition, the "Auto-Standby" mode can be optionally activated, which automatically switches off the amplifier after 30 minutes without signal.

To avoid operating errors, all controls are located on the rear panel. On the front are the various control LEDs for each channel as well as the on/off switch. The low weight as well as the compact height for up to 8 channels allow the space-saving integration of complex systems even in small racks.

The Crown DCi series is predestined for demanding applications such as churches, convention centers, cinemas and studios.

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