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JBL CSS8004 - Loudspeaker for mounting in ceilings up to approx. 3 m height

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Open design without housing

Cover grille included

Recommended retail price
36,- EUR
JBL CSS 8004

The JBL CSS8004 (CSS = Commercial Series Ceiling Speakers) are extremely affordable in-ceiling speakers with amazing sound performance for commercial applications such as shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, open-plan offices, retail stores, department stores or museums. They are great for background music and announcements. Installation is quick, easy and cost-effective. With the optional CSS-BB4 metal housing, the requirements according to IEC 60849 / EN 60849 are also met.

The smallest model JBL CSS8004 has an outer diameter of 198 mm and is equipped with a 15 watt, 4" inch wideband chassis. Its very wide coverage angle makes it particularly suitable for low ceiling heights, such as in offices or homes. The integrated triple transformer allows connection to 25, 70 or 100 volt lines. At least 3 power taps of 5, 2.5 and 1.3 watts are available. Due to the high efficiency of 90 dB only little amplifier power is needed. Thus, several models can also be efficiently interconnected.

The white cover grille is included and firmly connected to the chassis.

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