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JBL 3732T - Front system for small and medium cinema halls

JBL 3732T
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90° x -30°/+20° Screen Array Horn

Low cabinet depth

Bi- or Tri-amp

THX certified (3732T)

Recommended retail price
4.583,- EUR

The 3732 (3732 T) Screen Array System consists of a 3739 (4739) woofer unit and a horn-loaded midrange/tweeter unit (screen array). The 3-way 3732 system is driven 2-way active (bi-amp).

The 3732 T is 3-way actively driven and has THX approval. The special, asymmetrical vertical dispersion of -30° and +20° or horizontally 90° achieves an extremely balanced sound distribution even with strongly rising rows of seats.

Technical Data