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Crown MA 12000i - Networkable PA amplifier, 2x 4,000 watts

Crown MA 12000i
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Protection circuits against LS short-circuit, DC voltage, overheating, under-/overvoltage, HF overload, internal errors

Impedance monitoring of the loudspeakers

Limiters and compressors

Network connection, 100 Mb Ethernet

Mains power supply between 100 and 277 volts

Crown MAi 12000
Crown MAi 12000
Crown MAi 5000 / MAi 9000 / MAi 12000
Crown MAi 5000, 9000, 12000
Crown MAi 5000, 9000, 12000

The latest generation of Crown MacroTech power amps with Class-I circuitry is designed for modern touring applications. The Crown MAi power amplifiers do not have an internal DSP and are therefore particularly suitable for applications with external DSP processors such as dbx 4800 or BSS Soundweb. Via the HiQnet software all MAi types can be remote controlled and monitored in the network. Via software the following features can be set: different output limiters, impedance monitoring; input compressor, error log, auto standby etc. as well as up to 10x programmable presets. With only 2 RU, a weight of 12.7 kg, the Crown MAi amplifiers offer output powers of up to 2x 2,000, 2x 3,000 or 2x 4,000 watts into 4 ohms. At 2 ohms (20 ms burst) outputs of 2x 2,565, 2x 4,570 or 2x 5,900 watts are achieved.

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