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Crown 160 MA - ELA mixer amplifier, 1x 60 Watt

Crown 160 MA
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60 watts into 8 ohms or 70/100 volts

Level control for each input and output

Bass and treble tone control for the output

Signal and clip LED for each input and output

Priority circuit

Telephone connection for break music

Simplest operation due to few control elements

Noiseless due to fanless cooling system

Recommended retail price
582,- EUR
Crown 160 MA
Crown 160 MA
Crown 160 MA

The Crown 160 MA offers connection options for a microphone and three auxiliary players such as CD or MP3. An integrated priority function mutes the background music during announcements (priority switching). A connection option also allows the music to be used as pause music. The Crown 160 MA model is ideal for retail and hospitality applications.