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Lexicon PCM96 - Stereo reverb and effects processor with FireWire

Lexicon PCM96
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28 reverb, modulation and delay effects

DAW Automation

"Hardware Plug-In" for Mac VST and Audio Unit software

Large high-contrast OLED display

Compact Flash Card Slot

Recommended retail price
5.027,- EUR
Lexicon PCM96
Lexicon PCM96
Lexicon PCM96

The Lexicon PCM 96 offers a unique selection of Lexicon reverb and effects algorithms. The reverb algorithms are based on the powerful "Flexible Space Modeling (FSM)" technology. Parameters such as inverted reflection patterns, multimode filters and "infinite option" offer completely new possibilities.

For studio use, older Lexicon PCM96s offer a FireWire connection. This allows it to be integrated as a "hardware plug-in" into a digital workstation, including audio streaming via the FireWire interface. FireWire streaming is only possible with the operating systems Mac OS X 10.4.11 to 10.6.8.

With the help of the OLED display and the three parameter knobs, you edit your effects easily and quickly. The Lexicon PCM96 has analog and digital inputs and outputs. On the front of the 19"/1U case there is a Compact Flash Card slot.

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