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AKG C555 L - Neckband microphone for presentations and concerts

AKG C555 L
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Perfect speech intelligibility due to slight frequency boost in the treble range

Removable gooseneck allows the microphone to be worn on the left or right side

Miniature gooseneck for exact positioning of the microphone

Elastic suspension of the capsule makes the microphone insensitive to disturbing background noise

Secure hold and high wearing comfort due to infinitely adjustable neckband

Good feedback security and shielding from ambient noise

Mini-XLR plug for connection to a pocket transmitter

Recommended retail price
232,- EUR

The AKG C555 L is a very lightweight neckband microphone for vocals and for speech transmission during presentations. Due to a slight frequency boost in the treble range, the reproduction of the voice is clear and powerful.

Microphones with a cardioid polar pattern pick up sound from the front. This makes the microphone insensitive to feedback and well shielded from ambient noise. The microphone capsule of the AKG C555 L is elastically mounted. Disturbing background noise caused by movements is thus reduced to a minimum.

The miniature gooseneck allows the microphone to be optimally aligned. It is removable and can be attached to either the left or right side. The neckband is continuously adjustable and can be perfectly adapted to the head size. The low weight makes the AKG C555 L comfortable to wear. To protect the microphone capsule from moisture, the microphone has a drip ring.

The AKG C555 L is a condenser microphone and requires a power supply (phantom power) of 9 - 52 volts. It can be connected to AKG wireless system bodypack transmitters or a phantom power supply via the mini-XLR connector.

A foam windscreen and a spare drip ring are included.

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