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AKG HUB4000 Q - Network interface

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Ethernet interface for connecting up to 8 AKG devices to HiQnet network

Allows monitoring and configuration of a wireless system with System Architect

Supports DMS800, WMS4500, IVM4500

True Plug & Play

All metal housing

Recommended retail price
1.190,- EUR
AKG HUB 4000 Q
AKG HUB 4000 Q

Network interface for connecting up to eight AKG devices to a PC/Mac network. The HUB has eight RJ10 jacks for connecting the receivers and one RJ45 jack for connecting to an Ethernet network.

For larger wireless installations, multiple HUB4000s can be easily cascaded through a standard Ethernet hub/switch or wireless hub/switch.

The IP address of the HUB is set by a 3-digit DIP selector switch on the front panel or assigned automatically by DHCP. 10x LEDs are available to control the data transfer to the PC and to the receivers.

Power supply included in delivery.

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