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JBL Control 126 WT - Loudspeaker for recessed mounting in walls

JBL Control 126 WT
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Discreet look

Ideal for metall stud, gips wall constructions

Includes bracket for installation in drywall

Recommended retail price
356,- EUR

The JBL Control 126 W / WT are beautifully designed in-wall speakers with an extremely balanced sound image. It has large power reserves for sound reinforcement with music and speech even for high sound pressure.

The high crossover frequency of the steep-sided passive crossover ensures a very natural reproduction. The tweeter can be aligned to the listening field by a maximum of 10°. Optimal bass reproduction is guaranteed with a cavity of 20 to 40 liters behind the speaker.

The front grille and bezel can be painted individually. It can be combined with other models of the JBL Contractor Control series. Also available as JBL Control 126 WT with high quality transducers. It is ideal for installation in museums, convention centers, airports, cruise ships, etc....

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