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dbx ZonePRO 641 - Audio matrix with 6x inputs, 4x outputs and 2x mic/line inputs

dbx ZonePRO 641
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Advanced Feedback Suppression (AFS)


Auto Gain Control

classic dbx compression


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878,- EUR
dbx 641
dbx 641

The dbx ZonePRO 640 is a universal problem solution for flexible sound reinforcement concepts in the installation area. Whether restaurant, congress rooms, indoor or outdoor sound reinforcement - with its extensive equipment, the ebx ZonePRO 640 is a professional tool that effortlessly meets all your requirements.

In combination with different wall-mounted panels - for external control of level, signal and program - it supports a demand-oriented and user-friendly installation. In addition, access via the serial interface, offers you elegant solutions with media controls and controllers.

The included software then makes configuring the dbx ZonePRO a breeze. And for all inputs and outputs, there's still plenty of processor power for EQ, routing, dynamics and delay.

The dbx ZonePRO 641 is the "black box" version of the ZonePRO 640 without controls.

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