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JBL VRX932LA - Line array element

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Maximum performance and sound quality with very low weight

Controlled, phase-coherent radiation pattern

Easy flying and high stand operation.

Integrated rigging

Scratch and impact resistant Duraflex paint finish

Recommended retail price
3.938,- EUR

The JBL VRX932LA is a compact, passive 2-way line array element. The newly developed Constant Curvature Waveguide ensures a precise dispersion range of 100°x15° (h x v) in the high frequency range. The JBL VRX932LA can be easily and quickly firmly connected via lockpin. The individual speakers and their radiation angles are angled by 15° each. This increases the dispersion range of the entire array. The more modules are used, the longer the array becomes. This effect makes the cylindrical wave possible for lower frequencies as well. The advantage of the cylindrical wave is only 3 dB level drop instead of 6 dB with the spherical wave per doubling of the distance. Thus a very even level distribution is possible even at greater distances. Complicated delay systems can usually be dispensed with.

The optional flying frame VRX-AF allows hanging of up to six units. It can also be used for groundstacking with a maximum of 4 modules. For smaller applications, up to two modules can be operated on a high stand. In a compact system, the JBL VRX932LA can be mounted above a subwoofer such as the JBL SRX718S or VRX918S using a spacer pole. The high stand flange allows for precise alignment to the audience area.

In passive mode, the level of the three tweeters can be switched relative to the 12" cone chassis. This allows, among other things, their range to be adjusted. The modern driver technology from JBL's VerTec line array enables a continuous power handling of 800 watts at a weight of just under 22 kg per module.

The JBL VRX932LA-WH is the identical installation version of the VRX932LA in white, but without handles and high stand flange.

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