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JBL Control SB2 - 10" subwoofer for indoor wall and ceiling mounting

JBL Control SB2
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Stereo inputs with high-pass outputs for satellite speakers

Triangular shape for corner placement

The JBL Control SB2 is a subwoofer that perfectly complements the JBL Control Contractor Series speakers in low frequencies. This gives the satellites precise speech intelligibility and more lifelike music reproduction.

The specially ventilated bandpass enclosure creates an acoustic low-pass filter for clear and powerful bass.

The triangular shape allows discreet placement in corners and thus also determines the relative level of the subwoofer. Up to four speakers can be connected in parallel and a maximum of six speakers in series.

With optional accessories, the JBL Control SB2 can be mounted on a wall or suspended from the ceiling. The housing is available in black.

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