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AKG C636 BLK - Top class vocal microphone for studio sound on stage

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Natural sound image due to linear frequency response

Detailed reproduction and fine treble resolution

Feedback security on loud stages

Multi-layered windscreen prevents annoying hissing and popping sounds

Double vibration-damped suspension of the microphone capsule minimizes handling noise

First choice for lead singers and demanding soloists

Recommended retail price
750,- EUR

The AKG C636 BLK is a first-class condenser microphone for stage professionals. Vocals, speech and instruments are reproduced in studio quality with high resolution. Due to the linear frequency response, the sound remains authentic in all nuances. Especially musicians with practiced voices will appreciate the microphone because of the excellent reproduction of even fine details.

The microphone diaphragm has excellent vibration and impulse response. Even very loud signals up to 150 dB are transmitted without distortion. The AKG C636 BLK has a cardioid polar pattern. This means that the microphone is well shielded from incident sound from the side and is insensitive to feedback.

A multilayer windscreen effectively suppresses popping and sibilant sounds. To avoid handling noise as much as possible, the microphone capsule is suspended with double vibration damping.

The rugged metal housing and spring steel grille cap are designed for long-lasting use and durability. The diaphragm is gold-plated and insensitive to moisture and corrosion.

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