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AMX HydraPort HPX-600SL - Cable connection system, frame for 6 modules

AMX HydraPort HPX-600SL
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Connection module support for flush table installation

Frame for up to 6 modules

Flush table installation with low installation depth

Timeless, discreet appearance

AMX HydraPort HPX-600SL
AMX HydraPort HPX-600SL
AMX HydraPort HPX-600SL

The HPX-600 is a frame for up to 6 HydraPort connection and control modules. The system is suitable for small meeting rooms up to large conference rooms and offers a convenient solution to connect and power various devices to an AV system. It is freely configurable and can thus be optimally adapted to your requirements.

For example, modules are available for network connection, for all common audio and video signals, for room and media control or for powering laptops and smartphones. This gives you access to the cable or connection you need at any time.

The HPX-600 can be flush-mounted in a table or lectern. Its discreet appearance means it integrates perfectly into any room concept. The flap that closes the equipment rack can be opened in both directions along the longitudinal axis, allowing convenient access from both sides. When closed, a conference table looks neat and tidy without cables lying around on the table.

Modules with integrated self-retracting connection cables ensure that participants always have the necessary connection cables available during a meeting or conference. Rewiring mobile devices with existing equipment installed in the room, such as displays, projectors, source switchers, etc., is simplified, and searching for replacements for forgotten or missing cables at the start of a meeting no longer costs valuable time.

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