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AKG WMS420 Presenter Set - 826-831 MHz, BM - Wireless microphone set for presentations, moderations and theater performances

AKG WMS420 Presenter Set - 826-831 MHz, BM
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Set of pocket transmitter, receiver and clip-on microphone

Receiver with 2 antennas guarantees stable reception without interfering dropouts

Pocket transmitter with up to 50 mW transmitting power for long range

Pocket transmitter with charging contacts for fast charging

Battery status indicator on the pocket transmitter

Up to 8 hours of pocket transmitter operation with only one AA battery

Recommended retail price
484,- EUR

AKG WMS420 Presenter Set is a wireless system for presentations, moderations, small theaters and conference rooms. The set consists of a receiver, pocket transmitter and clip-on microphone.

The clip-on microphone is visually discreet and is attached to the speaker's clothing with a clip. The omnidirectional condenser capsule provides excellent speech intelligibility.

The diversity receiver guarantees reliable reception of the audio signal. Two detachable antennas on the back of the receiver provide maximum flexibility and allow the use of optional antenna accessories. The reception quality of the two antennas is constantly compared and only the radio signal with the strongest reception is used. This guarantees optimal stability of the connection without interfering dropouts.

The pocket transmitter is particularly small and lightweight. With only one AA battery, the radio transmission runs for up to 8 hours. The input level of the connected microphone, can be adjusted directly on the pocket transmitter. Through the built-in charging contacts, you can also charge the pocket transmitter directly in the optionally available charging station.

Scope of delivery: 1x SR420 diversity receiver, 1x PT420 bodypack transmitter, 2x BNC UHF antennas, 1x power supply unit, 1x battery (AA), 1x C417 L clip-on microphone




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