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JBL VRX918S-WH - PA subwoofer suitable for VRX932LA

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Subwoofer can be flown through integrated rigging

Low weight due to neodymium magnets

Scratch and shock resistant Duraflex paint finish

20 mm screw flange

Recommended retail price
2.397,- EUR

Compact, suspendable high performance system with an 18" differential drive loudspeaker in a vented enclosure. The JBL VRX918S is specifically designed for use in arrays with JBL VRX932LA and flying frame VRX-AF. If integration of the subwoofer into the flown array is required for sonic and practical reasons, the JBL VRX918S is a good choice. It can also form arrays on its own or be stacked on the floor. In addition, it has a 20 mm screw flange for stands for mounting tops. The dimensions of the JBL VRX918S are very compact with a small front area. Precious stage space thus remains largely open in width. A stack of two and even three subwoofers looks relatively compact from the front. The internally braced, 18 mm thick multiplex enclosure is coated with DuraFlex, as is typical for JBL. To adapt to different cabling systems, the assignment of the four-pin Speakon socket can be switched. Drive-in nuts for mounting casters are already provided on the rear.

The JBL VRX918S-WH is the identical installation variant of the VRX918S in white.

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