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JBL Control 19CST - Subwoofer for mounting in ceilings

JBL Control 19CST
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Overload protection

Fireproof, heat and smoke resistant

Moisture resistant

Paintable housing

Recommended retail price
463,- EUR

The JBL Control 19CS / CST is a subwoofer that perfectly complements the ceiling speakers of the JBL Contractor Control series. The nested chamber design allows high sound pressure with small cabinet dimensions.

The Linear Dynamics bass reflex port further extends the low bass. The wide 180° dispersion pattern simplifies installation and allows for a uniform sound image throughout the listening area. Fewer loudspeakers are needed, which reduces project costs.

The JBL Control 19CS / CST is equipped with inaudible overload protection. It meets the UL1480 standard for fireproof warning loudspeakers and the like. In addition, it is particularly resistant to heat and smoke in accordance with the UL2043 standard. A resistant bead enables operation even in humid environments.

Also available with transformer as JBL Control 19CST. The housing can be painted individually.

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